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  • Pane
  • Roba Fritta
  • Antipasto
  • Partager
  • Pizza
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  • Formaggio
pane 7.5
selection of italian breads with aromatic olive oil and balsamic vinegar  
grissini 6.5
bread sticks and dips  
bruschetta al pomodoro 7.5
garlic, tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil  
focaccia 6.5
today’s freshly home baked focaccia  
ripieno 6.5
today’s freshly filled home baked bread  
insalata di olive 8
marinated assorted olives with pickles, herbs and chilli  
misto 12
a selection of the above breads  
with olives 15.5  
with stuzzichini  18.0  
pane pizza 8
pizza bread brushed with extra virgin olive oil, rock salt and rosemary  
roba fritta  
ostriche in crosta di semolina  
½ doz 19.5
1 doz 34.5
oysters fried in a semolina crumb with a sweet and sour sauce  
calamari al limone 19.5
lightly fried squid tossed in lemon juice, sea salt, cracked pepper, parsley and italian caper mayonnaise  
arancini 10.5
saffron rice balls filled with mozzarella and peas on a spicy tomato salsa  
croquette 10.5
potato croquettes filled with salami and mozzarella  
dal mare  
ostriche al naturale   
½ doz 19.5
doz 34.5
freshly shucked oysters with balsamic vinegar, five grain bread and butter  
ostriche al salmone  
½ doz 21.5
doz 38.5
oysters wrapped in salmon with a caper, lemon and shallot dressing  
tartare di salmone con olio al tartufo e olive liguri           22.5
tartare of lightly marinated salmon, truffle oil, taggiasche olives, fennel salad, Poderi Crisci olive oil, caper berry and parsley citronette  
gamberi fritti  22.5
lightly fried prawns, zucchini tempura and salsa verde  
del terra  
burratina con melanzane 22.5
fresh organic milk mozzarella with a creamy heart served with eggplant leaves, fresh tomato macadonia, basil and almond pesto  
tartare di manzo 22.5
tartare with premium waygu beef sliced raw, dressed with free range egg, NSP condiments, crispy wafers and watercress salad  
carpaccio affumicato con tartare di verdure 21.5 
herb smoked beef carpaccio with a macedonia of aromatic vegetables and olive paste  
prosciutto d’oca 22.5
home made duck prosciutto on toasted ciabatta topped with truffle, fresh parmesan and truffle oil  
tavolozza di salumi con giardiniera di  verdure 34.5
the real italian antipasto:
selection of cured meats, tastes of pickled and preserved vegetables, cheese and truffle paste (suggested for 2 or more)
partager: ristorazione degli assaggi
funghi del prato
char grilled field mushrooms with balsamic, rosemary, garlic and chilli
broccoletti con sultana
broccoli braised with garlic, anchovy, chilli, sultanas, pine nuts and breadcrumbs
melanzane pomodoro
pan fried eggplant tossed with pomodorini, garlic, black olives, capers, basil and mint
pescetti marinati
bite sized fish fillets marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon, chilli and italian parsley
polpette alla napoletana
meatballs with sultanas, pine nuts and tomato sauce
partager: alla griglia
zucca alla griglia
char-grilled pumpkin sliced thinly and dressed with garlic, chilli, olive oil, italian parsley and balsamic vinegar
zucchini alla griglia
char-grilled zucchini with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and thyme
melanzane alla griglia
char-grilled eggplant with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, oregano and a dash of balsamic vinegar
peperoni alla griglia
char-grilled capsicum dressed with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, basil and italian parsley

contorni $10 per portion
pizza from our wood fire oven  
nsp classiche  
alla margherita 23.5
tomato, italian mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil  
prosciutto cotto e funghi 24.5
tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushroom  
alla capricciosa 25
salami, olives, capsicum, anchovy, tomato, mozzarella and oregano  
quattro stagioni 26.5
all of the above pizzas on one  
mediterraneo 25
italian bacon, mozzarella, tomato, rosemary, pecorino and parmesan  
pugliese 24.5
tomato, feta, mozzarella, chilli, capers, anchovy, red onion, black olives, oregano, garlic and parsley  
prosciutto crudo e rucola 26.5
cured ham, mushroom, mozzarella, cream, rocket and shaved parmesan  
nouvo gusto  
al salmone 26
cured salmon, stracciatella, radicchio and mesculin  
tartufona  24.5
mozzarella, potato, cream of truffle and rosemary  
boscaiola 24.5
smoked mozzarella, broccoli and italian fennel sausages  
contadina 26.5
cream of pumpkin, pancetta,buffalo mozzarella and italian parsley  
melinda 26
mozzarella, apples, radicchio, gorgonzola and walnut  
calzone 25.5
filled pizza with ricotta, smoked mozzarella, ham, tomato and basil  
gluten free pizza base available 2.5
  entrée main
ravioli di pollo 22.5 28.5
ravioli filled with chicken and spinach, tossed with thyme, sage, basil and vine ripened tomatoes    
ravioli di carcofi 21.5 27.5
ravioli filled with artichoke,thyme and orange zest with burnt butter, sage and speck    
tagliatelle al ragu di coniglio 21.5  27.5
tagliatelle with a rabbit ragu, capsicum, sundried tomato pesto, truffle oil and parmesan    
gnocchi di melanzane con stracciatella 21.0 27.0
eggplant gnocchi, organic soft mozzarella, fresh tomato, garlic and basil    
risotto ai fruitti mare 22.5 28.5
carnaroli rice tossed with prawns, cockles, mussels, calamari, cherry tomato, garlic, chilli and italian parsley    
penne con zucchine, salsa di zafferano 21.0 27.0
penne pasta tossed with saffron marscapone, zucchini and pine nuts    
cannelloni con ricotta e peperoni 21.0 27.0
canneloni filled with capsicum and ricotta, pecorino sauce and basil pesto    
linguine con tonno, cozze ed olive 21.5 27.5
linguine tossed with yellow fin tuna, mussels, black olives, chilli, garlic and italian parsley    
ask your waiter about the NSP favourites    
the ravioli, tagliatelle and cannelloni are homemade with free range eggs    
agnello con cous cous e melanzane affumicate 36.5
seared Hawke's Bay lamb rump, smoked eggplant, cous cous and baby spinach  
tonno alla griglia   36.5
char-grilled tuna, cannellini and spanish bean salad, capsicum coulis, paprika butter  
pesce del giorno 36.5
pan fried market fish on a salad of fennel, zucchini, baby red chard, tomato and caper salsa  
filleto di vitello con salsa tonnata 38.5
veal loin wrapped in prosciutto and sage, tuna sauce and broad beans  
costata di manzo        39.5
marbled angus sirloin, slow roasted vine ripened tomatoes, rocket and parmesan salad, truffled mayonnaise  
ask your waiter about our famous fiorentina steak p.o.a
fritto misto di mare 33.5
lightly fried calamari, prawns, fresh market fish, mussels and oysters with aioli  
zuppa di pesce 39.5
traditional neapolitan seafood soup with cockles, mussels, prawn, calamari, oysters and fresh fish in a tomato broth with garlic bruschetta  
di pomodori 8.5
vine ripened tomato, red onion, garlic, basil, extra virgin olive oil  
rucola 8.5
rocket, shaved parmesan, balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil  
della casa 8.5
mixed salad leaves, tomato, olives, feta, cucumber, onion, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar  
cesare 14.5
cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, nsp cesare dressing, shaved parmesan and anchovy  
caprese 19.5
buffalo mozzarella with vine ripened tomato, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil  
budino caldo ai datteri 14.0
steamed date pudding, toffee sauce and vanilla icecream  
strudel di mele e pere 14.0
apple and pear filo pastry strudel, berry broth and malaga icecream  
panna cotta al cocco 14.0
coconut panna cotta, caramelised pineapple and ginger syrup  
cassata con nocciole e frutta candita 14.0
cassata semifreddo, candied fruit, hazelnut praline and chocolate sauce  
tortino di cioccolato 14.0
chocolate fondant with mascarpone icecream  
tiramisu 14.0
sponge fingers in coffee and liqueur, layered with a mascarpone and zabaglione cream  
gelati & sorbetti 13.0
selection of home-made gelato and sorbet  
´╗┐´╗┐degustazione di dolci 32.0
tasting plate for two  
vin santo & biscotti 14.0
traditional tuscan dessert wine served with almond cantucci biscuits  
choose from a selection of the best italian cheeses  
accompanied with condiments and crackers  
parmigiano reggiano 16
aged parmesan with caramalised sun dried tomato and cinnamon  
gorgonzola 16
gorgonzola cheese with pear chutney  
taleggio 16
taleggio cheese with roast onion jam and candid cidro  
assortito 31
selection of 3 cheeses with assorted condiments